The Brooklyn Cyclones Are Getting A Nickelodeon “Guts” Themed Makeover

Photo: Brooklyn Cyclones
Photo: Brooklyn Cyclones

The Brooklyn Cyclones are a minor league baseball team based in Coney Island. They often host wacky theme nights, like Seinfeld night, which as you can imagine, sees fans slurp soup from the “soup nazi” while dressed up as their favorite characters from the show. The Cyclones seem to have a fixation with 90s nostalgia though, as the team will soon be hosting a Nickelodeon night, which will transform MCU Park into an obstacle course themed arena in honor of the Nick show, Guts

In case you forgot, Guts was the show where energetic tweens would strap on helmets and climb rock-walls, swim through wave-pools and generally compete against each other for a piece of the Agro Crag–a piece of rock that apparently held magical powers. Sports Illustrated reports that the Cyclones are gearing up to turn their field into a Guts-themed extravaganza on August 12, which they’re calling Wayback Wednesday.

Attendees can buy an “Extreme Arena” ticket package that will include your very own piece of Agro Crag. (We know the 90s adolescent in you is squealing with joy). But the Nickelodeon-themed care-package doesn’t stop there. According to the Cyclones’ website, the team will “also include a special brownbag lunch, complete with Gushers, Capri Sun and Handi Snax,” just so you don’t go hungry through nine innings of baseball.

There will also be a whole bunch of 90s era activities to get into, like a  “Where’s Waldo competition, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Bow Staff Limbo game, and a Dumb & Dumber return the suitcase race,” according to Sports Illustrated. If you win any of these contests, you might find yourself in line for prizes like Troll Dolls, Bubble Tape chewing gum, Ring Pops and Silly Putty, among other items.

If you decide to be there in your nineties formal wear on August 12, tickets to the event are $10.

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