Popular Sandwich Is Victim of Its Own Popularity

This was pretty good.
This was pretty good.

You know what’s pretty good? The new Shake Shack chicken sandwich, the ChickenShack. Like, it’s basically the perfect cheap (rather, cheap enough, that is; everything’s relative, right? but, like, also, it’s pretty cheap, compared to the cost of many other local lunch options, like a certain fast food Mexican chain, which shall remain nameless, but which winds up setting me back over $12 on the regular because what kind of iron-willed person can actually say no to guacamole? not this one) lunch if you work in Downtown Brooklyn, which I do. But so, have you had it? Have you tried the new fast food option that is just sweeping the nation Downtown Brooklyn? Oh, you haven’t? Well, get ready for some serious fast food FOMO, because: You can’t have it. You have indeed missed out. Your FOMO is justified. All the chicken sandwiches are gone! GONE!

That’s right, the ChickenShack is a victim of its own popularity. Shake Shack announced via Twitter last night that the, uh, “chicken has flown the coop” and it won’t be back till Thursday, July 16th. That’s a whole week away! A lot can happen in a week. Maybe another appealing lunch option will suddenly become available in old DoBro, maybe I will forget just how juicy and tender the meat was, just how crispy and perfectly seasoned its exterior. After all, it was pretty good, if maybe a little heavy on the buttermilk herb mayo. For now, though, I will just stare at the photo above and remember happier, lunch-eating times. Oh, Tuesday: suddenly you seem so far away.

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