Lit Lounge Moving From East Village To “Cultural Nexus” Of Bushwick

Lit Lounge. Photo: Scott Beale/Flickr Creative Commons
Lit Lounge. Photo: Scott Beale/Flickr Creative Commons

Lit Lounge, one of Manhattan’s last sweaty rock and dance clubs, is moving across the East River to set up shop in Bushwick, where it can join the growing Brooklyn “nexus that has become the cultural cauldron of New York,” writes Club Planet.

The move comes on the heels of what Lit co-owner Erik Foss says is the “flight of the creative types to creative Brooklyn,” which is, by all accounts, something that the he long considered “inevitable.”

But wipe those nostalgic tears away with your tequila stained T-shirt, because Lit will live on, albeit in a weird and “terrifying new restaurant-club hybrid,” Foss told Gothamist. Lit’s new digs will be in Bushwick, settled in the basement of the already open Currant Cafe. It will feature some not-so-crazy trappings, like “two rooms with a DJ booth, bar and bathrooms,” and could be open in “anywhere from a week to three months,” Foss told Club Planet.

Foss and his business parter David Schwartz will be joined by Trash Bar owner Aaron Pierce for the new project–and if the history of Trash is any indication, Lit should live on in wild style.

[H/T Gothamist]

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