Mac DeMarco Will Cook You A Hotdog This Afternoon At A BBQ In Bushwick

Photo: Mario Macedo/Flickr Creative Commons
Photo: Mario Macedo/Flickr Creative Commons

Well, we’ve got lunch plans. As per an Instagram post thrown up on his account yesterday, Mac DeMarco has announced that he’ll be playing a show at a BBQ in Bushwick this afternoon.

He also noted, in typical Mac-speak, that he’ll gladly #makeyouafuckinghotdog if you bring a food bank donation to the party. This all sounds like a very winning combination if you ask us.

In the post, DeMarco made clear amid a stream of other silly hashtags that he’ll be playing some unreleased music and manning the grill himself. He also wants you to know that #penis. Oh, Mac, you’re so silly and just like all of us!

The Mac DeMarco Bushwick BBQ jam starts at 1pm today at 153 Morgan Avenue, which according to Google Earth, looks like an Occupation Safety and Health Administration training center. Weird? Yes.

Anyway, here’s the Instagram post below:

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