Another Day, Another Reason to Ban the Selfie Stick from Brooklyn

Photo: David Karnuach Instagram
Photo: David Karnuach Instagram

Look, we get it: The Brooklyn Bridge is a great place for selfies. And for crazy stunts, like the whole white flag thing from last year, which perplexed the NYPD and the public at large. (In case you forgot, it was the work of Germans seeking to honor Jasper Johns and have some fun. Anyway.) Just yesterday, though, nearly a year after the flag debacle, yet another out-of-towner climbed the historic landmark to, well, take a selfie. 

His name is David Karnauch and, boy, does he take a mean selfie. While his Instagram account is already rife with self-portraits snapped on construction equipment that ascends into the sky, the Tennessee-native obviously saw the Brooklyn Bridge as the next attention-garnering backdrop for his escapades.

The New York Daily News reports that while the NYPD wasn’t too pleased about Karnauch’s trespassing with selfie-stick in hand, the situation didn’t really represent a breach of security. “The person most endangered was the individual whose goal seems to be bringing attention to himself. It was however, irresponsible and illegal,” said John Miller, the Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism, adding that “he would have been arrested,” had patrol officers been present at the scene.

It’s obvious Karnauch’s intention was to earn high-fives and the feeling of generating buzz via the internet, and for all we can tell, it’s clearly worked. Karnauch’s Insta following is impressed, because, hey, standing on a high beam as traffic whirs by underfoot is undeniably cool!

Comments ranged from, “You’re on FOX News rn,” to “Your Instagram just blew up,” to “you’re famous or in trouble, lol.” All of those comments are pretty spot on. The fact that he was on Fox News pretty much makes Karnauch a new hero for the digital age. He’s now an Instagram rebel, running from Johnny Law with a selfie-stick slung over his shoulder.

Since he didn’t get caught in the act, and probably won’t be charged, we just hope Karnauch doesn’t try something truly stupid, like flashing peace signs off the roof of the Freedom Tower. There’s more to life than selfies, after all, David, even if Fox glorifies your stupidity.

Here’s the Instagram post below:

😎 #newyorkcity#nyc#again#vscocam#gopro#goprophotography#adventureaddiction @kameleonz

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