Finally! Park Slope Dogs Now Have Their Own Port-a-Potties

Pug Dog 7

Today in weird Park Slope pet news: A Union Street gardener/budding entrepreneur, Jon Crow, was sick of yelling at neighborhood dogs for peeing on his tree pits and flowers, and so he created a collection of portable dog potties using kiddie pools filled with gravel, soil, and sod. As one does. Crow has installed the “Doggie Spots,” as he calls them, along his block between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. He assiduously mows them with clippers, and encourages passersby to “take your shoes off; walk around” on these grassy sponges soaked with dog pee, reports the New York Post. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams called Crow’s creation the “world’s smallest dog parks.”

“I’m the guy who lives on the block who’s gonna get beat up one day, because I’m always yelling, ‘Get your dogs out of the ­f–king trees!’” Crow told the Post. “I thought, I have to do something more peaceful and zen.”

[via The New York Post]

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