SpotPog: The App That Makes NYC Parking Less Hellish

Cars parked by the high line. Photo: Jason Paris/Flickr Creative Commons
Cars parked by the high line. Photo: Jason Paris/Flickr Creative Commons

The sharing economy’s stronghold on New York City commerce has seeped its way into how people park their cars, as a new app that intends to alleviate the pain of looking for parking on crowded streets formally launched today. Unlike Uber, Lyft and Car2Go, which all focus on transporting pedestrians for a fee, the parking app SpotPog uses similar GPS technology to let users know when parking spaces free up, so those searching for that perfect spot can claim one without much idle waiting time. 

As anyone who regularly searches for parking in NYC will tell you, a more direct way of stowing your car on congested streets should sound like a gift from automobile heaven. SpotPog uses its own virtual currency to dole out these available spots, giving users “pogs,” that they can pass on to different users in exchange for their parking space. As SpotPog explains on their website:

“When you register for SpotPog, your account will receive 20 Pogs, which can be used in areas with free public parking and traded with other users for these spot. Pogs cannot be bought or transferred, but you can earn more Pogs by offering your spot when you’re leaving, and participating in promotions, like referring other users to SpotPog.”

And in perhaps the most free-enterprising aspect of SpotPog’s business plan, anyone with a private driveway or parking space can essentially lease that space to a motorist in need for a fee.

SpotPog doesn’t necessarily want this to turn into an Airbnb for driveways (although it certainly could), as they enforce the option of donating user proceeds to various partnering charities. As per their website: “If you’re listing a private spot, you can choose whether you want to receive cash directly or donate the payment to one of our local Community Partners.”

Still, the idea of decongesting Brooklyn’s jam-packed streets is a welcome prospect for many neighborhoods according to Borough President Eric Adams. According to the Daily NewsAdams noted that “Brooklyn has a serious parking problem,” and that Brooklyn motorists need  “a real solution.”

Anyone interested can download SpotPog on their iPhone or Google Play.

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