Brooklyn’s Such Hounds Premieres ‘Drink to Sleep’ Music Video


Fresh off the release of their 7″ single, Such Hounds drops a new music video for “Drink to Sleep,” a woeful tale of winter that makes for a surprisingly catchy summer tune.

It should be no surprise, once you listen to “Drink to Sleep,” that the inspiration for the song came from last winter’s Polar Vortex. Guitarist/vocalist Matt Martin explained to Impose magazine that the song is “… about breaking through all that denseness and trying to remember what it’s like to have a good time.” (Is it ironic then that their first 2013 EP is named I Hate Summer? Hmmm.) Nevertheless, “Drink to Sleep” packages the frustration and impatient of a long winter with lyricism and long guitar riffs, but makes you feel hopeful for the promise of warm weather to come. Despite its seasonal lyrics (“Fill my cup / keep my body warm … Well, I wake up in the morning/ and I drink myself to sleep”), “Drink to Sleep” and its booming, “fuck the world” crescendo may make it a new summer anthem on this year’s playlist.

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