The New MilkMade Ice Cream Parlor Has Some of the Most Exciting Flavors in Brooklyn


Hay Rosie may have vacated their Sackett Street space after only a year, but that it no way means it’ll be a scoopless summer for Carroll Gardens.

Throwing off the shackles of their brick-and-mortar, in order to take their hot and gooey BarnBurners and sriracha popcorn ice cream on the road, Hay Rosie recently traded places with the formerly subscription-only MilkMade, which now provides patrons with a place to get a Tim Tam Slam or Coney Island Crunch quick fix, whilst awaiting their monthly dairy-mail.

Not that MilkMade founder Diana Hardeman actively intended to open an actual shop, just like she never intended to run a thriving ice cream business, which was instead born out of her dissatisfaction with the selection at her local bodega. In fact, Hardeman was merely looking for a new production space, in order to expand delivery service, when the Hay Rosie team essentially offered up their lease and assets on a silver platter—complete with a fully built-out factory and tiny tasting room. All Hardeman really had to do was paint the trim in the retail parlor pink, and voila, she was ready (as of last Friday) to serve her locally sourced scoops to the masses.

It’s actually surprising that putting down roots in the borough had never crossed her mind, given how many made-in-Brooklyn products are regularly incorporated into Hardeman’s creations. Non-members can finally get to sample hallmark flavors like Grady’s Manhattan, infused with Grady’s cold brew coffee and King’s County Distillery whiskey; Rock Rock Rockaway Road, dotted with Mast Brother’s chocolate chips; and the ludicrously delicious Five Dollar Toast, thick with hunks of house-baked cinnamon loaves from Bed Stuy favorite, SCRATCHBread.

And while you can certainly try any of the aforementioned items deposited in a standard cup, it would be an egregious error to not spring for the tasting flight instead, comprising five mini-scoops like The Macaroon (made with Danny’s coconut cookies), Brooklyn Ambrosia (laced with Anarchy in a Jar jam), Citrus Paradisi (drizzled with Andrew’s Local Honey), and Maple Glazed Donut (a Dough collab, of course) tucked into tiny cones from Konery—also a BK operation—that scrumptiously correspond with each flavor.

Because when it comes to indulging in hand-crafted ice cream, it’s all about spreading the love… it’s the Brooklyn way, after all.

204 Sackett Street, Carroll Gardens


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