Philippe Parreno’s New Installation at Park Avenue Armory Will Hypnotize You


In his largest U.S. installation to date, Philippe Parreno reshapes the very notion of what it means to experience art by exploring the exhibition as a singular, coherent object rather than as a collection of individual pieces.‪ H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS combines remastered existing works and new projects to guide and manipulate the viewer’s experience and perception by fusing sound — both recorded and performed live by pianist Mikhail Rudy — with film, light, apparitions, and memory.

Within one of the few spaces in the world in which such an epic experience could occur, Parreno has constructed a scripted space where a series of events fold and unfold onto the space itself, creating an architecture of attention on a scale of operatic proportions.

“Films are set in motion. Movie marquees blink back in the darkness. Annlee asks existential questions to anyone who will listen. The work of art becomes crowded & crowdsourced, strangely lucid & free. Each day unfolds differently. No one has ever seen anything like it.” – ArtForum

Visit on Friday evenings, when the installation will be open until 10:00pm, for libations at a special bar in one of the Armory’s historic period rooms.

Philippe Parreno’s H {N)Y P N(Y} OSIS is showing at the Park Avenue Armory from June 11 – August 2. Get your $15 tickets here.


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