Go See Subway Art in Gallery Form at the Society of Illustrators Tonight and Throughout the Summer

Photo: MTA

Tonight marks the opening of the MTA Arts & Design‘s showcase of its commissioned artwork. It’s called New York View: MTA Arts and Design Illustrates the City and it’s taking place at Manhattan’s Society of Illustrators. If you ever look up from your phone or other reading material while taking the train, you’ve probably noticed that illustrations and graphic art play a pretty large part in your daily commute. This year, the MTA’s specially commissioned artwork is moving into the city’s busses, in addition to the usual train cars and subway stops.

The exhibit at the Society of Illustrators will feature past pieces from artists like Raul Colon, William Low, Yuko Shimizu and Susan Farrington. And while you’re probably familiar with much of this work, it’s a different experience to see it in a gallery format, instead of on the L train. So head on over to the exhibit’s opening ceremony at 6pm tonight. Or you can catch it anytime before it closes on August 15th.


Photo: MTA Arts & Design/Rob Wilson Photo: MTA Arts & Design / Rob Wilson Photo: MTA Art & Design/ Rob Wilson Photo: MTA Art & Design/ Rob Wilson



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