Video: Choosing the Craft Beers of Northside


If you haven’t heard, there is an astounding amount of very, very exciting programming set to kick off next week at the seventh annual Northside Festival. There are films premiering, hugely influential entrepreneurs holding court at various Innovation events, and, of course, there is music. Lots and lots of music, much of which will be performed outdoors, at McCarren Park.

As integral, or nearly as integral, to the whole experience as the music itself, though, is the beer that will be available on-site for your consumption. This should come as no surprise, but we thought it made sense to take the opportunity to shine a light on some of the many local breweries doing such great work around the city—and one doing great work slightly outside the city. Through our friends at Jameson, we teamed up with Scott Vaccaro, the founder and brewmaster of Westchester’s Captain Lawrence Brewing, to choose the beers that’ll be on sale at McCarren Park throughout this year’s fest.

We spent a very long day sampling beers and chatting with some of the very best local brewers, and we eventually came up with a list we’re exceedingly happy with. No spoilers here—the chosen brews are revealed at the end of the video below—but they’re all crazy delicious and perfectly suited for the task at hand. 


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