The Restaurant Awards: Or, 10 Brooklyn Restaurants We Want to Talk About Right Now

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Best Budget Bites: East Wind Snack Shop

Rare is the restaurant helmed by a chef who put in time at Nobu and Jean-George which also boasts a menu without a single item topping $12, with most hovering around the $5 mark. Such is the case, though, with East Wind Snack Shop, a tiny shoebox of a space in Windsor Terrace, which seeks to honor the spirit of historical Chinatown tea shops. It succeeds beyond any reasonable expectations. The tightly edited menu might not feature five-for-a-dollar-dumplings, but the pan-fried pork dumplings (five-for-five-dollars) are among the best we’ve ever had: juicy, plump, and with a surprising richness of flavor. Even better are the dry-aged beef potstickers, which have a delicious slightly funky taste to which we’ve fast become addicted, and the ultra-tender, sticky, sweet, and spicy chili ribs. Just be sure not to miss the sweet, citrusy, egg-y Hong Kong hot cakes; made to order, they’re served piping hot, pair beautifully with tea, and are the perfect ending to a gourmet-level Brooklyn meal that won’t set you back more than twenty dollars.
471 16th Street, Windsor Terrace


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