Williamsburg’s Saltie will Make a Summertime-Sandwich-Snob Out of You

Behold, Saltie’s famous Scuttlebutt sandwich. Photo: saltieny.com

When taken at face value, the sandwich is probably the most genius feat of culinary accomplishment in the history of mankind. The sandwich, which was invented in 1762 by England’s very own Earl of Sandwich, John Montagnu–is a paradox: It’s both a beacon of versatility (you can put whatever the hell you want in a sandwich), and a symbol of simple pleasures (two slices of bread intersected by American cheese qualifies).

But over the years, as our tastes grew more sophisticated and as we tired of Wonderbread with bologna, the sandwich became subject to just as much experimentation and bold, risk-taking maneuvering in the kitchen as any other resplendent cuisine.

That’s when Williamsburg’s Saltie enters the equation with all of its weird, colorful and unconventional tastes. If you’re used to a sandwich from your local deli, you’ll be in for something of a pleasure-shock when you dig into what Saltie has in store.

This weekend, if you’re looking for some cool respite from the heat, try Saltie classics like the Scuttlebutt (hard boiled egg, feta, black olives, capers, pickles, pimenton aioli), or the Clean Slate (hummus, bulgar, pickled veg, yogurt sauce, naan). For $12 and $11 respectively, the sandwiches aren’t cheap exactly, but neither are their ingredients or the flavor-punch you’ll savor from chomping on their contents.

And, oh yes, there’s drinks! So instead of complaining about the soon-to-be stifling weather, quaff some of Saltie’s refreshments, like the Iced New England  (iced coffee, almond milk, maple syrup), Iced Hibiscus (hibiscus flower, agave) or their Turmeric Tonic (turmeric, honey, lemon, cardamom). They should provide ample quench-worthiness for your parched  summer-time throat.

So leg it on over to Saltie in the next three months. If you don’t become a fully-fledged sandwich snob after your visit, we’ll be very, very surprised.

Saltie: 378 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg 


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