Jimmy’s Diner in Greenpoint Has The All-American Breakfast We All Need


For some reason, New York City does not eat breakfast. Over aeons of debauchery, the mode in which we dine with friends on mornings somehow became rebranded as “brunch,” which, for all of its Bloody-Mary and Mimosa-swilling glory, is like, totally “the thing” to do with your buds on hungover weekend afternoons.

Luckily, Jimmy’s Diner in Greenpoint completely eschews the brunch orthodoxy, and serves up honest-to-goodness breakfast in a comfort-food vein that ensures clogged arteries and satisfied tastebuds.

If you’re not completely sold on actually getting up early to eat things like Biscuits and Sausage Gravy ($10) or greasy delights like the Hangover Helper ($9), you should probably cherish your dreams of mimosa heaven and sleep in–the wait at Jimmy’s is usually pretty long because the food is just so damn good.

The menu isn’t what we would call “innovative,” but then again, who wants some sort of intentionally groundbreaking, self-important gourmet hodgepodge when you can eat a meal from a place that’s self-aware?

Jimmy’s is a diner and knows it’s a diner, and remains true to the American framework that constitutes exactly what a diner is.

Countertops and pancakes. Bottomless coffee and deep-fried decadence. Boozy milkshakes! Jimmy’s has all of these along with the honest vibe that might be missing from routine strolls spent looking for that ideal meal in north Williamsburg.

Also, get ready, because Guy Fieri has been there!  The host of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives stopped in last year and devoured a Skillet Apple Pancetta Waffle, which was made especially for the show. We recommend you stop by and indulge just like Guy did, but just don’t be like him in any other possible way, please.

Jimmy’s Diner, 92 Calyer St, Greenpoint, NY 11222

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