US Air Guitar Championship Qualifier Will Melt Faces Tonight at St. Vitus


The relentless power of crushing heavy metal and rock & roll is usually on display at St. Vitus, although there won’t be any amplifiers cranked or distortion pedals activated in tonight’s US Air Guitar Championship regional Brooklyn qualifier. What you can expect is the usual face-melting milieu, but only doled out via St. Vitus’ sound system, as scores of wide-eyed riffers play their phantom guitars to the tune of things like Arpeggios from Hell and Run to the Hills.

The event is only part of a much larger circuit of professional make-believe-shreddery, and whoever wins the competition tonight will have the honor of representing New York state as its crown-champeen in further national-level contests. Participants are judged on their adherence to actual technique and how well they command a crowd with a fictional axe.

The contests’ nitpicking judges will be Mike Maronna and Danny Tamborelli, whom you probably know better as Pete & Pete–stars of the heartwarming and hilarious television show of the same name that sculpted childhoods and influenced young minds throughout the 1990s.

Tonight’s festivities start at 8pm.

St. Vitus, 1120 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint 11222


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