Wegmans Supermarket Comes to the Brooklyn Navy Yard: People Express Freakish Excitement


You may have caught wind that the supermarket Wegmans is opening up a new store in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. And New Yorkers are rejoicing! The announcement has been met with elation equal to what we’d expect to see with the discovery of life on Mars or another massive feat of human achievement.

Ok, that’s maybe an exaggeration, because the response hasn’t been quite that insane. But news that the 99-year-old Rochester-based, family-owned supermarket will now serve Brooklyn has at least set Twitter on fire in a way that only a true cult following could. We’ve compiled some of the most zealous, effusive, giddy, diehard tweets from some of New York’s Wegmans lovers below. The excitement is obvious, but the tweets beg a few questions, like: Can a supermarket really be quite this incredible? And are we really THAT deprived?







If the gleeful sentiments above don’t make enough sense, it’s worth reading the New York Times news piece about the opening. Wegmans has long been adored for its low prices and massive shopping centers, which combine the kind of variety offered at corporate chains like Whole Foods but for bargain prices advanced at stores like Costco. It’s also a family business that champions hiring a diverse workforce in underserved communities.

Third generation CEO Danny Wegman told the Times yesterday that “People need not just good food, but good jobs. Brooklyn provides an opportunity for both.”


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