Starbucks Is Coming to the Bushwick/Ridgewood Border


Corporate coffee continues to encroach neighborhoods historically unhampered by frappuccinos and pumpkin spice lattes, as a new Starbucks is soon destined to set up shop on the Bushwick-Ridgewood border.

DNA Info reports that the coffee mega-chain plans to open an establishment at 329 Wyckoff Ave., conveniently located next to the Myrtle/Wyckoff M and L train station and within walking distance from other corporate chains like Dunkin Donuts that sit several blocks west on Wyckoff ave.

North Brooklyn’s newest Starbucks is part of a growing trend that’s seen the expansionary coffee-peddlers establish two outposts in Williamsburg in the last year, despite many residents’ aversion to what they perceive as bland, homogenous corporate businesses taking over their neighborhood. The anti-Starbucks sentiment has long been palpable on the streets of neighborhoods like Williamsburg. One Williamsburg resident, speaking to DNA Info last July, expressed disbelief at the prospect of venturing into a corporate outlet in his beloved neighborhood.

But even so, whatever nascent protests mounted against the coffee-monolith last summer have since fallen flat, as both Williamsburg Starbucks locations are typically pretty full of the usual Macbook-wielding, iced-mocha sipping suspects. It’s a sign that convenience and comfort usually trumps idealism. It’s also a reminder that Starbucks will find its way to any profitable, trendy and or up-and-coming neighborhood eventually.

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  1. Every time Starbucks opens another branch in certain neighborhoods — Williamsburg, Crown Heights, etc. (but not Midwood) — Brooklyn Magazine runs a story on it, running this crap about “Corporate coffee continues to encroach neighborhoods…”

    But every fucking time you write these stories, there are already Dunkin’ Donuts just a few blocks away or at least in the same general neighborhood. Do you know how many Dunkin’ Donuts outlets exist in Ridgewood and Bushwick already? Go to the company’s store locator and check out the local zip codes and you’ll see there are numerous ones.

    Here’s what I think: This is fucking native advertising. Brooklyn Magazine is being paid by Starbucks to publish what pretend to be news posts when they are really just advertising. You’re basically Starbucks whores and don’t admit it. You throw in some mildly critical comments about Starbucks and certain neighborhoods (but not others that you don’t give a fuck about where new Starbucks stores open but where you don’t have much readership), and this mildly critical content is supposed to resonate with your readership — but meanwhile you’re essentially modifying Starbucks’ corporate press releases and presenting them as articles.

    This post is actually a paid advertisement for Starbucks.

  2. Brooklyn Magazine has a history, since its inception, of writing about “what’s coming into the neighborhood” than “what’s going out” while pretending to not exploit the gentrification it is ostensibly ‘covering.’ Richard Grayson is right. This isn’t the first time BK Magazine has been called out on this fact. Ahem.

    • Oh, excuse me. There was that one time it reported that Mast Chocolate was unfairly being gentrified. TELLING.


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