Video: Juan Wauters Covers the Ramones for Brooklyn x Brooklyn

Photo by Tiffany Wen
Photo by Tiffany Wen

Today, we premiere Brooklyn x Brooklyn, a series of performance videos that were shot and recorded live in front of a small audience of friends and fans at Braund Studios in Greenpoint. The hook? We invited a group of local musicians to come in and play two songs–one of their own, and one by another local artist. First up in the series is Juan Waters, whom we first fell in love with back in 2009 when he came onto the scene with garage-pop prodigies The Beets. He performed his own song, “I Was Well,” off his sophomore solo album,  Who Me?, as well as a spot-on cover of the exceedingly tender “Questioningly” by the Ramones.

Who, Me? is out now on Captured Tracks.



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