Sneak Peek at the Beautiful Cherry Blossom Trees in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Photos by Jane Bruce
Photos by Jane Bruce

As every New Yorker knows, spring’s arrival isn’t summoned by anything as predictable as the vernal equinox, rather we all know that winter has truly ended once the barren trees that line our city’s streets suddenly spring to life. And perhaps most beautiful—and certainly most Instagram-friendly—among our fair city’s trees is the cherry blossom. (Certainly the most fragrant is the Callery pear aka the semen tree.) And there’s no better place for cherry blossom ‘gramming than the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, which hosts its annual cherry blossom festival, Sakura Matsuri, this coming weekend.

We stopped by the Garden earlier this week and basked in the beauty of the trees that are in full bloom on the Cherry Esplanade. Admittedly, not all the trees are flowering yet (or they weren’t on Tuesday morning, but that kind of thing changes pretty quickly!), but those that have are glorious. Beyond just celebrating the trees, Sakura Matsuri also features lots of opportunities to celebrate Japanese culture as a whole: There will be tea ceremonies, taiko drumming, kabuki dance, samurai sword fighting, manga drawing, and much more. Like, you can even “pose as a daikon radish.” We don’t know what that means exactly, but it sounds pretty, pretty fun.

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