Eat Me: The Perfect Spring Dish is the Rice Bowl from Greenpoint Fish and Lobster


Eat me.
Eat me.

So, it’s spring. And while I know that most people are complaining non-stop about the fact that… wait, it’s spring, but the weather isn’t perfectly warm and sunny all the time, I think that kind of talk is kind of absurd. Why? Well, because we live in New York. It is always kind of dreary and cool and rainy at this time of year because this is what spring in New York is like. The kind of spring people seem to expect once the calendar hits March 21st is the kind of spring they get in California, the kind with warm days and nights, where bare legs reign, and farmers markets are overflowing with asparagus and pea tendrils and all the produce that signifies a new season. Here, we’re still stuck with turnips. Of course, we’re also not running out of water, so maybe things aren’t so bad after all?

But, anyway, if you want to eat something that isn’t really seasonally dependent (which is good, because we’re still sort of seasonless over here in old NYC) and yet is still bright and flavorful and fresh in a way that feels like springtime even though it’s still sweater weather, head over to Greenpoint Fish and Lobster and get the rice bowl. First off, let me just say that everything is better in a bowl. I really believe that. But also, this specific bowl is full of crunchy radishes, refreshing cucumber, a beautifully, runny-yolked soft-boiled egg, perfectly cooked rice, spicy wasabi-kewpie mayonnaise, and—on the day I visited—tender squid tasting of the sea. It made me feel warm and sunny even though the day was as gray as they come.

Anyway, if I were you looking for something to eat during this un-springlike spring, this is where I’d go. The only thing really springlike about it is the egg probably because of, like, Easter, maybe, and rebirth. And you know, that should be reason enough. Because this dish? Is just that good.

Greenpoint Fish and Lobster: 114 Nassau Avenue, Greenpoint


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