Reclaiming Björk: There Will Be a Björk Musical in Bushwick Tonight!


Look, far be it for us to, like, tell you what to do. But also, let us tell you what to do: Go check out Everybody’s Björking for the Weekend, a musical comprising the oeuvre of the one and only Björk. Where is it you ask? Well, Bushwick. Obviously. 

Brought to you by the same geniuses (Jo Firestone, Josh Sharp, and Aaron Jackson) who also presented Beyoncé and Whitney Houston musicals (titled, respectively: Pussy to the Sky and Houston: We Have a Whitney), this Björk musical is bound to be a riotously good time—especially as compared to the critically reviled Björk retrospective at MoMA.

In fact, consider this a way for all you Björk fans out there to reclaim your love for this Icelandic goddess, because not only will you be listening to her songs, you will also be performing them! But only if you want! You can opt-out and only be a spectator, but c’mon, this is your chance to really let loose on “It’s Oh so Quiet.” The show is going to mainly comprise Björk’s songs, but will also have a self-described “horrible, hastily written plot” written by Firestone, Sharp, and Jackson—all of whom work on Broad City, so this will also be a dream come true for all you Broad City fans. (Everyone, right? Right.) So, you know, go check out this evening of theatre, karaoke, and comedy, and celebrate Björk in the way that MoMA failed to do.

Cobra Club: 6 Wyckoff Avenue, Bushwick; doors at 8:30, tickets $8


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