Walking and Bike-Riding on the Brooklyn Bridge Will Suck for the Rest of the Year

brooklyn bridge

Hey, so: Spring is here. It’s warm enough to walk around without a jacket, and the huge disgusting piles of dark, dirty snow are finally melting because hey! Spring is here. So get out there, you guys, and do spring things like walking and biking and frolicking. Just don’t do those things on the Brooklyn Bridge because you will be jammed in with your fellow walkers and bikers and frolickers like so many marshmallow-y Peeps in a box. Ugh.

Via the New York City Streets Blog, we learned that the Brooklyn Bridge promenade will be partially closed (at the one spot that could even possibly have been considered spacious) through December 2015. The DOT says: “This closure is necessary to perform steel improvements at tower locations as well as structural joint repair on the Brooklyn Approach. At the towers, the work zone will be in effect continuously during this period. On the Brooklyn Approach, work will be conducted only during overnight hours. Pedestrians and cyclists will be directed to cautiously share the narrowed pathway.”

And while we totally understand that these types of repairs are necessary and part of the price of living in a city with an aging infrastructure that needs to be updated so that nothing worse than a little cycling inconvenience happens, we still wish that it were possible to actually enjoy a stroll or cycle across our borough’s eponymous bridge. In that vein, we fully endorse Streets Blog’s plea to “convert one of the bridge’s car lanes to a bikeway for the summer and see what happens.” C’mon, de Blasio! Prove your progressive bona fides once and for all.

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Map via DOT
Map via DOT


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