Mini Golf Course Coming to Red Hook


Get ready for summer, punks, because this time in a couple months you could be completing a sweet couple of rounds of mini golf in our very own borough. Red Hook is getting a sprawling 18-hold miniature golf course this summer called “Shipwrecked.” The themes: pirates and adventure. “Let’s just say it feel like a little mini adventure,” co-founder and prop supervisor Chris Schneider toldĀ DNA Info. “Think Indiana Jones meets miniature golf.” Sold.

Schneider and his business partner/best friend Ryan Powers will also have classic arcade games at the 11,000 square foot space. The course will involve, get this, “lights, holograms, videos, and special effects,” perĀ DNA Info as well as “video or even animatronic characters.”

The 18 hole course is being partially taken from a shuttered one in Maryland. There’s also going to be a concession stand with snacks, beer, and wine. So you know where we’re going to be for most of July.


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