Buzz in a Bottle: Harmless Harvest’s Coconut Coffee Water

Photo by Jane Bruce
Photo by Jane Bruce

Harmless Harvest founders, Justin Guilbert and Douglas Riboud, first hatched their ecosystem-based business model in 2009, in order to create sustainability all the way from field to shelf. “If you maximize the welfare of all your agents in the supply chain, the results will be superior—far more than if you just care about your own profits,” Guilbert explains. The eco-minded mission definitely paid off for the Park Slope-based pair; they successfully launched their first award-winning product—a 100% raw and organic coconut water—from their Brooklyn headquarters in 2011. And in the span of just four years, they’ve turned their tiny staff of two into a dedicated team of over 300, eventually branching out to San Francisco in order to tap into the West Coast’s health-crazed market.

And now, Harmless Harvest has bottled an even bigger buzz in the form of Coconut Coffee Water, which first hit Whole Foods shelves on March 17th, and will begin popping up at independent Brooklyn markets by late spring. Amping up their signature coconut water with 50 milligrams of caffeine (essentially the equivalent to a shot of espresso), the beverage is made with  fair trade, organic coffee beans harvested by a farmer cooperative nestled high in the Andes, which is focused on developing human capital, gender and economic equity, social responsibility, and environmental protection.

But when it comes down to brass tacks, Harmless Harvest is mostly committed to offering undeniably delicious products, and the brand new drink more than fits the bill, building upon coconut water’s mild almond flavor with coffee’s chocolate, earthy undertones. Oh, and did we mention that coconut water is so hydrating, it can offset the diuretic effect of coffee, making a bathroom dash less urgent? So yeah, there’s totally that.



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