It’s Going to Snow On Friday


No. No, no, no. Listen up winter. Your time has come and gone. It is time for you to leave here. You are the drunk guest who will not leave a party even though the host is in his pajamas and meaningfully gesturing towards the exit. This is not cute, and it is not cool. And yet, what can we do to stop it? On Friday, the city will see three inches of snow. I am not OK with it either. And while we’re on the topic, it should be at least twenty degrees warmer out there.

The snow isn’t likely to stick, really, but that just means that it’s a last hoorah to the deeply awful slush times that we knew and escaped in February. Do not even, snow. But on Saturday, it’ll be in the 50s again. If we just hang on, it’ll be time for sitting out in the park without sleeves again soon. It has to be.


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