Of Course L Trains Aren’t Running To Manhattan Today

l train

Do you depend on the L train to do things like transport from your home in Brooklyn to your work in Manhattan, or vice versa? Oh, dear, you beautiful dreamer. Of course the L train isn’t doing the thing that we all rely on it to do! Obviously not. That would be too good. If you’re hoping to take the L across the river today, saddle up for a shuttle bus.

Thanks to a broken rail, yesterday’s L trains ended at Bedford Avenue. Though the rail was fixed, the train service is still, what’s the technical term? Broken. Some trains will be going to Manhattan! Some will stop at Bedford or Myrtle. Step right up to play commuter lottery, kiddies. And, obviously, with the delays and regular commuter crush, being on the train platform today is really deeply unpleasant, as many Twitter users attest.


Great. Great, great, great.


  1. This month the MTA has been fucking up left and right. Good thing we’re literally paying the most we’ve ever paid for this month’s metrocards!

  2. If it is true
    as Jean Paul Sartre once said ,
    “hell is other people”,
    -my God!-
    is the L train at rush hour ??


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