Citi Bike Dropped 10,000 Memberships Since A Year Ago


New Yorkers haven’t been signing up for Citi Bike memberships at the numbers that they were a year ago, to the tune of ten thousand memberships. Though brand new members are signing up at a comparable rate to 2014, old members haven’t been renewing their annual memberships as diligently.

via BikeShareNYC
via BikeShareNYC

The fine folks at BikeSharesNYC made this helpful membership tracking chart, where you can see the drop-off in memberships compared to a year ago. Though you can also see that memberships spike in the warmer months, and tent to go down a bit when it’s freezing and miserable out. So it’s fair to assume that the brutal cold of January and February contributed to the lack of renewals, plus the overall feeling that you would rather not bike so much as curl up in a cocoon and pray for May. Maybe now that the weather looks like it might be spring, bikes will be back on the brain.


  1. Yeah, it should start increasing again now that winter is coming to an end. Also, don’t forget the the annual memberships went up 50%. Unless you’re using it at least once a week, it’s not cheaper than the subway.

    I joined before the launch (largely for moral support), and ended up using it a fair amount in Manhattan, but since they never came to my neighborhood, I didn’t renew.

    We should also see numbers increasing as they expand to more neighborhoods.


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