Inside the Studio of Tracy Miller

Photograph by Maggie Shannon
All photos by Maggie Shannon

Tracy Miller

A recent recipient of a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, Miller only recently moved into a studio distinct from the workspace in her home. While she admits to missing the convenience of working from her house, the soaring ceilings of her Sunset Park studio have allowed her to further open up her work, and employ far larger canvases. Miller’s paintings represent an interesting dichotomy in that, at first glance, each work seems to embody the idea of muchness; a self-described “piler of paint,” Miller creates still lifes fecund with color. And yet, they are also open and bright; the only easily discernible objects are food items—a glistening pineapple upside down cake with a cherry in its middle here, a plate full of plump oysters there. There’s a sensuality in Miller’s work that is at times breathtaking, and thus a painting of a simple row of doughnuts provokes a visceral, joyful response that’s not easily forgotten.

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