Inside the Studio of Matthew Weinstein

All photos by Maggie Shannon

Matthew Weinstein

Perched high above the industrial border of Clinton Hill, Weinstein’s studio is a sun-filled, high-ceilinged, multi-windowed space that the artist found on Craigslist about a year ago. The space itself is pristine in a manner that might not usually be associated with a vision of an artist’s studio as some sort of messy explosion of paint and canvas. Rather, Weinstein explains, “I keep it really clean because I do more thinking here than making things.  I work really slowly. I spend more time figuring out how to make things than actually making them. It’s like my work; it’s very precise.”

While precise is certainly one word for Weinstein’s meticulously planned pieces, merely describing it that way belies its seductive quality, and the way in which his art—particularly his new digital animation videos—insinuates itsef into your consciousness, playing with any preconceived idea you might have about what is art and what is simply craft. For that reason, it is possible to find yourself mentally lost in a space that might be uncluttered with the typical trappings of creation, but which deeply confounds consciousness, as your eye and mind wander from one thing to the next.

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