A Look Back at Choice Eats 2015

All photos by Jane Bruce
All photos by Jane Bruce

With all due respect to Taste Talks’ amazing All-Star BBQ, we were stoked to attend our (other) favorite walk-around tasting event last Friday: The Village Voice’s 8th Annual Choice Eats. We were especially excited since they wisely booked the subway-adjacent Metropolitan Pavilion this year, infinitely preferable to 2014’s exceptionally remote, East River-hugging Basketball City—not where we wanted to be after cramming down 50-some odd bites, then slamming cachaça shots for hours.

And as always, Brooklyn showed up in a big way, from established event favorites like the Meatball Shop, Littleneck, Egg, Red Hook Lobster Pound and Fletcher’s (whose tri-tip pastrami on SCRATCHBread rye was one of our favorite bites of the evening), to Choice Eats newbies such as 2 Duck Goose, Delaware & Hudson, Wilma Jean, The Gorbals and Brucie — who kicked ass and took names with their equally memorable dish: housemade coffee stracciatella cheese with hazelnut “dirt” and pickled raisins.

But you don’t really need us to wax poetic over all the yummy things we ate, right? You’d rather torment yourself with all manner of appropriately food-porny pictures, of drinking vinegar snow cones, spicy rock shrimp sliders, pulled pork over corn cakes, and more!

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