Talking With Alex Ross Perry, Independent Filmmaker

Alex Ross Perry is the writer and director of acclaimed independent films The Color Wheel and Listen Up Philip. His next film Queen of Earth was critically lauded following its recent premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, and is currently seeking US distribution.

On the state of independent film in Brooklyn: “I think it is quite strong, perhaps not as strong as it was a few years ago, but only because the ‘scene’ has sort of become decentralized and more broken up. But places like Nitehawk are showing interesting programs at all times and BAM’s programming of repertory cinema is as consistently excellent as ever. BAM continues to program the invaluable CinemaFest every June and as always I am planning to catch up on the most interesting American independent films there.”

On where he sees the scene in the next five years: “I have no clue. I hope that the Hollywood infrastructure continues to come to us and helps the sort of New York-bred independent cinema reach wider audiences with the help of actors who are willing to collaborate and help get the films out there. Things have changed so much in even the last five years, where friends who watched rough cuts then are now producing and financing entire films for one another. So another five, who knows.”

On the benefits and drawbacks of operating here: “Everything is a benefit. Living a normal life in a real place and being constantly reminded that I do not live or work in the system, but instead operate in my own world and environment and am able to do work there that the world at large is willing to support and show interest in.”


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