Bushwick is Getting Its Own Food Market

If you love the outdoor food market stylings of the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg, but you don’t want to leave Bushwick to get them, well, dear reader, you could be in luck. (Though the weather out now doesn’t seem so conducive to picnicking, believe us, my June you’ll be ready to sit on some steps with a hot dog again.) The people behind Shwick Market are opening a food garden this spring.

It’ll be “like a Beer Garden, but with lots of different food, not so much beer. Think a mini-Smorgasburg, but with Bushwick-friendly prices,” co-founder Christopher Carew explained to Bushwick Daily. “If we do get enough food vendors to sign on, we hope to take over the empty lot behind us. Regardless of the number of food vendors signing up, we will have new food options every weekend outside, before you walk inside.”

“There’s not a huge selection of food in this part of Bushwick, and we’d love to help bring new, food options to the neighborhood and let the marketplace decide what works,” he added. “There’s nothing like this in the area, which means there’s no proof it will work.  But that’s a chance we’re willing to take.”

That sounds pretty wonderful, no? Enough to get you through the rest of this winter. Shwick Foodgarden should open in April 18 and 19. They’re looking for 30 vendors to set up shop every weekend until December. Interested? An application is right here.


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