Renting In Brooklyn Will Take 60 Percent Of Your Income

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It probably isn’t news to you that renting an apartment in Brooklyn likely eats up more than the oft-proscribed thirty percent of your income. But exactly how much more than that is a figure that is truly depressing: Try, on average, close to double. A new map released by real estate firm Streeteasy shows, by neighborhood, just how much of the average income it’ll take to rent an apartment in Brooklyn. Spoiler: It’s a lot. In Williamsburg? More than eighty percent. In Red Hook? Ninety percent.

The map in full, below, shows that Brooklyn is the least affordable borough to live in. And because the map is tied to income, the least affordable neighborhoods aren’t just your usual suspects, like Williamsburg and Bushwick, but also places like Bed-Stuy and Crown heights, where the rapidly escalating rents are making it difficult for longtime tenants to stay put. But hey, there’s always Gravesend and Canarsie, neighborhoods where the ratio is actually below average and the rent is still semi-reasonable.

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