French Bulldogs Are The Kings of New York


Through what sounds like extremely scientific polling, the American Kennel Club just released a new report on the most popular purebred dogs by neighborhood in New York. And their conclusion, which should surprise no one who has visited a park in the last five years, is that far and away the most popular name brand dog is the French Bulldog. It makes sense: They’re both adorably and highly compact, which makes them good for city living. And they’re also the official dog of Park Slope.

The French bulldog dethroned the regular bulldog, the frontrunner in 2013, DNA Info reports. They also have a handy by-neighborhood map of the most popular breeds, but the only Brooklyn neighborhood listed is Park Slope and, well, you already know who won that one.

Labrador retrievers are number one in the U.S. overall, but take third place in the city because, probably, space requirements. German shepherds came in fourth and Golden retrievers are fifth. This has been your intrepid Brooklyn dog reporter


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