You Can See Harbor Seals In Sunset Park


In this, the bleakest pit of mid-winter, it is hard to imagine that there is wildlife in New York City. Even the pigeons and rats seem to be hibernating. February is too much for them. But indeed, there is wildlife and it is pretty cute and relatively accessible. Harbor Seals are way into these freezing temperatures, because they have blubber to protect them and arctic climates are their jam. They’ve been flocking to New York City in huge numbers thanks to our deep freeze lately. And you don’t have to travel that far to go seal spotting. Like, just to Sunset Park.

A couple tips on seal-spotting: They are into sun, so they’re more likely to be out on a sunny day. Also don’t try to pet them. They’re still wild animals, even though they do look super huggable.

DNA Info has a complete guide on where to spot these critters, including an eco cruise from the New York Audubon Society to see them. But for Brooklynites, you just have to take the R train to 45th street and walk to Bush Terminal Park. Seals have been spotted there recently, which gives us great glee. On your way there or back, you can pick up some excellent tacos. Tacos and seals! Can you think of a better way to spend a chilly Saturday?


  1. quick note to visitors: Bush Terminal Park is only open 8-4 until Sunday the 1st, and then only 8-5 for the next two months. it’s a pretty low priority park.

  2. Hey guys. New to the neighborhood. In from Hudson Bay -which has been completely OVER since walruses moved in and started waving their tusks around like owned the place. Can we please keep the new hangout on the DL? Sunset Park is amazing but once it’s in the blogs it will be impossible to find an overturned dingy for under $3K a month. We just want to be a part of the community but also mostly prettying do our own thing. And please, it’s patronizing to throw fish. Like, how do we know if it’s even ethically sourced?


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