No Night L Train To Bushwick For The Next Month


March is almost upon us, and if you live off the L train, that means it’s shuttle bus season. Not only is the line undergoing repairs that will suspend service between Manhattan and Brooklyn for six weeks beginning in April, but, for the next four weeks, there’s not going to be any late night weekday L trains between the Lorimer stop and the Myrtle-Wyckoff stop.


MTA spokesmen confirmed to DNA Info that L trains wouldn’t run between those stops between 11:45 pm and 5 am on weekdays. Just think of it as a fun MTA curfew? Shuttles buses will be in effect if you happen to live off the Graham, Grand, Montrose, Morgan, Jefferson, or Dekalb stops.

The suspension ends March 20, and that means a precious five whole days until another major L change, when the L stops running between Bedford Avenue and Eighth Avenue between midnight and 5 a.m on weekdays. Maybe by then it’ll be warm enough to bike.




  1. No night train? As a consolation though, the MTA will be offering free bottles of Night Train to shivering passengers waiting half-frozen for those late night shuttle buses to Bushwick…..


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