The Meatball Shop Now Delivers for All Your Meatball Needs

Bucket of Balls

So, in case you haven’t heard: It’s cold out. And you know what you should be doing if it’s this type of cold out? You should be staying inside. And eating. But how can you possibly do both of those things at the same time without cooking for yourself? Ah, ha. If ever there was a purely rhetorical question for New Yorkers, that was it. Duh, you’re going to order something. And you don’t even have to feel that bad about doing it, because it’s not snowing! There’s no travel ban in effect. Get your ordering fingers ready! (Ew!)

But what if you’re bored of the stuff you always order? What if you want to order something that you’ve never been able to have delivered before? Well, today’s your lucky day, because The Meatball Shop is finally offering delivery after long being a dine-in and takeout only kind of operation. Available on Caviar (like Seamless but for people with more refined taste, extra disposable income, and… no, those are the only two qualifications), the Williamsburg meatball purveyors are now delivering to many places in Brooklyn that aren’t even Williamsburg! So get your officemates to split a bucket of balls with you (and the mashed potatoes, which are quite good and creamy!) and eat up. It’s really way too cold to go outside today unless you absolutely have to. Or you’re getting paid to do so. Happy lunchtime, guys.



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