It’s Really Expensive To Live Alone In Brooklyn

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Hold on to your roommates, hold them close, and take a look at this map of the median price, per neighborhood, of a one-bedroom apartment. It is, no surprise, very expensive to live in Brooklyn. And if you wanted to live alone, say, and not in a studio, then you’re looking at shelling out a lot of money. In fact, rent prices in DUMBO, at an average of $4,000/month, are the second most expensive in all of New York City, falling just behind the prices in Chelsea.

The map was put together by real estate site Zumper and, depending on how you read it, could leave you in deep despair or somewhat hopeful, considering. After all, Flatbush and Sunset Park still look pretty reasonable if you could scrape that up every month, and if that’s the median, there are surely apartments below that price.  Red Hook, Crown Heights, and Bed-Stuy all have medians under $2,000/month, which is something, I guess. But if you want to live in Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, or Downtown Brooklyn, well, good luck to you finding something on a budget. Or you know, just bring along your roommate.


  1. Why does the map end where it does?

    What about Bay Ridge? What about Midwood?
    What about Ditmas Park? DP prices are higher than general “Flatbush.”

    Many other communities have also been omitted. If you have any more stats, please share.



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