Rough Trade Is Turning Into Empire Records For Two Days

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Shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior: In honor of the 20th anniversary of the good-time-in-a-record-store film Empire Records, Williamsburg’s own record emporium Rough Trade will metamorphose, temporarily, into a replica of, yep, Empire Records. It’s happening on April 8, which is also the high holiday known as Rex Manning Day.

For the occasion, the store is offering tickets to a whole Empire Records she-bang, which includes a screening of the movie, a head shaving station (first five people who take the plunge drink free), a set by the Empire house band, and other goodies, including, of course, an autograph from Rex Manning. Please oh please let there be a GWAR puppet on hand. The event, which was just announced last Friday, is already so popular that they’ve added a second date, on April 9, and pre-sale tickets are sold out. The rest go on sale on February 20. General admission is $42, but hey, part of it goes to charity. And you wouldn’t want to miss Rex Manning, now would you?


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