Oh Cool, Every Subway Line Is Broken This Weekend


Hi, were you trying to leave your house this weekend? No, no. Do not. The weather is unbearably freezing and every train line is broken. Well, OK, not every train line (you got off easy this time, 7 train) and not broken so much as rescheduled seemingly at random and really unpleasant to deal with. Local trains run express! Express trains run local! The L train is like psych naw we are not bringing you there! It’s like really lame public transit freaky Friday!

Here is what’s happening, by line, via DNA Info:

The 1, 2 trains going southbound are all running express between 14th Street and Chambers.

Southbound 4 trains all run local between 125th Street and Grand Central.

Northbound A trains are express between Canal Street and Columbus Circle, and all A trains skip Rockaway Boulevard.

The C trains are garbage anyway, and will be extra garbage-y by running express between Canal Street and Columbus Circle going northbound.

D trains aren’t running between Atlantic Avenue and Herald Square. Instead, they will be laughing all the way to the bank.

L trains are straight up shut-down between 8th Avenue and 14th Street.

Between 59th and 36th street, there’s aren’t any R trains at night. Sorry pals.

In conclusion: Never leave your apartment. Have a nice weekend!


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