The Worst of Brooklyn Tinder Dudes


Look, we’re all just out there looking for human connection. The age where meeting someone on the internet or via a phone app was creepy is long over; these days it’s probably your best option. I’m not trying to shame anyone out there. But I think we can all agree that there are some incredibly terrible choices on display on dating apps Tinder? Of course we can. Anyone who has spent more than a couple minutes on the service has run across them.

Sometimes, when a profile photo on Tinder is so incredibly bad–not run-of-the-mill shirtless bro bad, not blurry-in-a-crowd-of-six bad, but just a jaw-droppingly weird decision, well, that is when you screenshot it and send it to your friends. I do, anyway. And it turns out that a fair few of the ladies at Brooklyn Magazine do the same thing. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled a brief, incomplete compendium of the worst of Brooklyn Tinder dudes, as culled from the personal collections of the ladies in this office. (Special shout-out to the amazing Katie Narduzzo and Sarah Lutkenhaus.) I’m sorry, and you’re welcome.




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  1. Bryan, 32 with the gun is actually a homeless deadbeat dad. He works in the city doing sound and sleeps with girls for places to stay. If he can’t find one, he goes back to his parents’ place in Boston. He also has a nice police record, so go figure with the gun thing. Be careful, ladies!

  2. Wondering the outrage this would cause if a bunch of dudes made one of these about women of tinder. God, that sounds like mens rights advocacy or some bullshit- not intended. I just don’t think it’s acceptable to put somebody else on blast like this. It would be one thing if the photos were all chauvinistic in nature or something. Most of these just seem like awkward dudes unsure of how to properly communicate themselves. Not really sure why this article (or comment) was worth my time. Just wanted to point out how rude and basic this feature makes your team look. And, yes, I read the first comment. Perhaps a tinder post about men with abusive records next?

  3. This is a really tasteless feature. Not sure how anyone would think shaming strangers by publishing their dating profiles online could be remotely acceptable. How would this be received by men making fun of women on tinder? Personally, both are disgusting to me.

    • I am inclined to agree — it is one thing to privately snicker about ’embarrassing’ dating profiles you find, but quite another to publish those online for public mockery. Poor taste, and mean-spirited to boot.

  4. There is literally nothing wrong with most of these dudes that isn’t a matter of taste (seriously, though, you are doing a public service putting Chevron on blast). Way to make everybody’s tinder nightmare about somebody taking their dating profile and using it to publicly humiliate them come true.


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