The Worst of Brooklyn Tinder Dudes


Look, we’re all just out there looking for human connection. The age where meeting someone on the internet or via a phone app was creepy is long over; these days it’s probably your best option. I’m not trying to shame anyone out there. But I think we can all agree that there are some incredibly terrible choices on display on dating apps Tinder? Of course we can. Anyone who has spent more than a couple minutes on the service has run across them.

Sometimes, when a profile photo on Tinder is so incredibly bad–not run-of-the-mill shirtless bro bad, not blurry-in-a-crowd-of-six bad, but just a jaw-droppingly weird decision, well, that is when you screenshot it and send it to your friends. I do, anyway. And it turns out that a fair few of the ladies at Brooklyn Magazine do the same thing. So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled a brief, incomplete compendium of the worst of Brooklyn Tinder dudes, as culled from the personal collections of the ladies in this office. (Special shout-out to the amazing Katie Narduzzo and Sarah Lutkenhaus.) I’m sorry, and you’re welcome.




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