Premier: Folk-Singing Brooklyn Bartender Brett Saxon Covers Strand of Oaks’ “Shut In”


Covering another person’s song, they say (or I think that’s what they say; it’s possible I’m confusing the details of this particular saying), is the sincerest form of flattery. Which is why local artist Brett Saxon, who also happens to tend bar at one of Brooklyn’s best craft beer bars, Mission Dolores, laid down his take on Strand of Oaks’ “Shut In.” It’s a pleasantly plainspoken and oddly comforting song about one person’s struggle with loneliness and something resembling depression.

“For me, it’s one of those songs where you immediately know it’s going to be great,” says Saxon. “I don’t know what the song is about; I can make guesses, but more importantly they relate to my life, or my views of life, at this point in time. It stands on its own. It doesn’t need anything gimmicky.”

Agreed. Listen to his version below; listen to the original here; and then go listen to some of Brett’s other stuff here. And then go to Mission Dolores, where they are currently pouring Yule Smith Winter, which is not a Christmas beer at all but a super delicious Red IPA. They’ve got Nugget Nectar on tap right now, too, plus Maine Beer’s Lunch, and lots of other good stuff.


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