Nice Try, Starbucks: Prospect-Lefferts Garden Landlord Rejects Coffee Chain


Starbucks creep is happening all around Brooklyn. First went Williamsburg, then Crown Heights, and now, apparently, the coffee chain is eye-ing the up-and-coming Prospect-Lefferts Garden. As we’ve noted before, Starbucks isn’t actually the problem, it’s more of a marker that gentrification has gotten to a certain point. But when one of those green signs pops up in a neighborhood where the rents are rapidly rising, think pieces about the inextricable connection between grande mocha lattes and unaffordable housing also arise. But in any case, the denizens of PLG won’t have to worry about that for now: The landlord of the shuttered restaurant Lincoln Park Tavern decided to turn down Starbucks when they came a-knockin’.

“We already have a coffee shop,” landlord Rong Ge toldĀ DNA Info. And to be fair, the proposed Starbucks would be right beside the independent shop Tip of the Tongue. “I want to give them a chance.

The landlord is looking to fill the space with a local restaurant. Any takers?


  1. We could really use a nice diner in our neighborhood. I was just telling my husband today that if we had the resources, it’s something I would have loved to contribute to our growing neighborhood.

  2. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 8 years now and have seen at least 5 great small businesses close because they couldn’t pay this landlords exorbitant rent.

    I find it very hard to believe that this landlord would refuse money on principal when this principal hasn’t led her to be more generous and compromising to hard working community businese owners.

  3. Good on you, Bk Mag, for perpetuating this rumor as fact without any attempt to corroborate its validity. Did anyone think to call Starbucks for a statement? Perhaps ask around about Rong Ge, the awful woman who owns the building and who planted this story, unchecked? Maybe if anyone: you, WPIX (who apparently also ran a pickup of the story, and DNA Info had actually done their purported job of reporting the news, instead of publishing the word of one highly questionable source as fact, you might actually find (and this, too, is speculation, based on history) that Rong made the whole thing up to drive interest–and rent prices–on the storefronts she’s been trying to rent out for ages, without success.


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