This Is What The Most Expensive Home In Brooklyn Looks Like

via Corcoran Group
via The Corcoran Group

See that pretty little house in the picture up there? How much do you think that Brooklyn Heights beauty is on the market for? Whatever the number is in your head, you might want to double it. Because this little number is currently priced at $40 million. That is not a typo. If it sells at that number, or really even close to it, it will be the most money anyone has ever paid for a Brooklyn home.

The current record-holder for most expensive Brooklyn home is 70 Willow Street, the yellow house where Truman Capote used to live, which went for $12 million in 2012. But $40 million spectacularly dwarfs even that extravagant figure.

So, what do you get for $40 million? Well, to be fair, it is a mansion: 17,500 square feet with fifteen bedrooms and sixteen bathrooms. It’s currently divvied up into eight apartments, but you would get all of them to collapse into some sort of dream mega-mansion if you so chose. It also has some history: It was built in 1856, and is named Low Mansion after its owner A.A. Low.

The current owner bought the place for $2.3 million in 1991 which is…insane.

“This is a very daring number and some may say it’s wishful thinking but we have seen properties trading at numbers that defy logic in Brooklyn,”Aleksandra Scepanovic, managing director at Ideal Properties, told the Daily News. “This is definitely the property to test the Brooklyn waters.”

Or you know, don’t? Maybe let’s keep some housing in the borough for people who aren’t Russian oligarchs? What an idea!


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