It’s Poutine Week at Mile End and We Are Going to Eat Poutine for Five Days In a Row


Poutine!  Photo via Mile End Deli
Photo via Mile End Deli

Beyond the fact that it’s that most essential of national holiday’s today, Groundhog Day, we are also at the beginning of Poutine Week, which is most definitely “a thing.” More than just “a thing,” really, because it’s a celebration of the best thing to come out of Canada since Joni Mitchell! (Just kidding, tons of good things are Canadian, I guess!) But, you know, while there are a multitude of ways to celebrate Joni Mitchell, there is only one way to celebrate Poutine Week: Eat poutine every day. And luckily, Boerum Hill’s own Mile End Deli is here to help you out.

Starting today, Mile End will be featuring a different style of poutine every day (check out the full menu below), and because we’re lucky enough to work in Downtown Brooklyn, we intend to eat poutine every single day this week. Um, wish us luck? We will definitely keep you updated, providing we do not die of a coronary by Thursday.

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C/O Mile End Deli
C/O Mile End Deli


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