Inside Abbi’s Apartment from Broad City Via RV

Photos by Jane Bruce
Photos by Jane Bruce

Many of us here at Brooklyn Magazine are obsessed with Broad City, the Comedy Central brainchild of improv duo Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer that gets many, many things right about what it’s like to live in New York City in your 20s. (Like, for example, those glorious moments where you are the only one alone in your apartment and you can dance naked to Lady Gaga.) So when word got around that there was a roving version of Abbi’s Broad City Astoria apartment hanging out somewhere in Greenwich Village, we high-tailed it down towards the general NYU area to try to seek out some sweet Broad City set replica action. Here’s what we found.

The RV, emblazoned in bright colors and parked next to the NYU library, had been stationed at various points in Greenwich Village. We located it thanks to the explosion of related Instagram pictures (journalism!). A man in a balaclava and a “BROAD FUCKING CITY” shirt was ushering passersby into the maw of the RV with the promise of free Abbi and Ilana swag.

The insides of the RV were modeled to look, more or less, like the apartment Abbi shares with her roommate’s boyfriend Bevers on the show, if that apartment happened to be crammed with NYU students doing karaoke for the promise of Broad City swag. (If you posted on Instagram with the appropriate hashtags, you were rewarded with a Broad City pint glass, it turned out.) But some of the furnishings rang true to the show’s spirit. Like this instantly recognizable couch, complete with a side table stacked with Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons.


What’s that over there? A copy of Brooklyn Magazine on Abbi’s sideboard?


Dogs and dog-watching were a decor theme, as is appropriate.


And, obviously, the walls were hung with portraits of the two ladies themselves.


But perhaps the best bit of decorations was this not-exactly-cake that seemed straight out of Ilana’s bag of tricks.


Can we have that for our next party?


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