It’s Going To Be Really, Really Cold This Weekend

Your new apartment, probably (via Wikimedia Commons)
Your new apartment, probably (via Wikimedia Commons)

In case you had plans to go outside this weekend, you might want to seriously reconsider, or at least break out that extra-serious fur hat. The city’s Office of Emergency Management has sent out a weather advisory because things are about to get really serious  starting tonight. Like “dangerously frigid” serious. Like temperatures bottoming out in the teens with windchill hitting between five and ten below zero. That’s negative ten.

And the wind, oh yes, there will be wind, up to 40 mph. Plus a sweet little dusting of snow tonight, which will likely turn into rock solid ice come Saturday. The strongest winds will be late Friday night and into the wee hours of Saturday so maybe do not wear that cute little number/mesh tanktop/whatever when you are going out to a bar that night? Oh plus, there’s that ambiguous maybe-might-be freezing rain or snow rolling into the area on Sunday. Winter: We get it. You’re not going anywhere.


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