Domino’s Has a Really Strange, Fifty Shades of Grey-esque Ad Out

It's a Domino's-atrix! Get it?! Ugh Photo via Ads of the World
It’s a Domino’s-atrix! Get it?! Ugh
Photo via Ads of the World

I used to work with someone who loved Domino’s and ordered it all the time. It made no sense to me. We live in New York City! Not only is there some of the best pizza in the world here, but we can also order literally any other food that we can dream up! Why resort to Domino’s? It’s like, do you also eat Taco Bell? Oh, you do? (She did.) Well, ok then.

Anyway, I was thinking of this today and just poor taste in general, because I happened upon a rendering of a Domino’s ad for its new Sriracha pizza. The ad is only being shown right now on Ads of the World, and was created by advertising giant McCann Erickson’s McCann Israel branch. So, first, because the ad is for Sriracha Pizza, which is not on the American Domino’s menu as far as I could tell (I only gave it a skim, because just the fact that Domino’s has trademarked “Fiery Hawaiian” for one of its pizzas is enough to make me want to puke), and so the ad is probably not intended for American consumers, who are far more sensitive to sexually explicit ads than those from other countries, like Israel and many European nations, are.

And yet! This ad is still worth a look because of just how intense it is. Like, McCann Israel did not hold back. Not only is that bodiless tongue in chains and bondage gear, but it’s glistening with such a gleam as to render the experience of looking at it almost tactile. And then there’s that ball gag; I mean, the implication that a tongue has its own mouth is kind of insane, no? If only because it implies that a tongue has its own ass! Which it clearly does because this tongue is wearing underwear! Ah!

I understand that the advent of Fifty Shade of Grey has made it possible for bondage and dom-sub sex to become mainstreamed, and that’s all well and good, but Domino’s cooption of this practice is only going to ruin everything anyway, because that’s what big brands do—they exploit things from other cultures (just look at all the brands tweeting things involving the words “bae” and “fleek“) and RUIN THEM. And with this ad, Domino’s is going to ruin two indisputably awesome things: sriracha and rough sex. Shame on you, Domino’s. And shame on anyone who enjoys your food! You’re all part of the problem.

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