Uber Rates To Be Capped During Storm, But It’s Still A Bad Idea To Call An Uber



Anyone who’s trying to shuffle their way home through the rapidly accumulating snow, breath a little easier. Though Uber is indeed enacting their notorious surge pricing during the storm, because Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency on Monday, those surge rates will be lessened, at least somewhat. The app won’t be able to charge more than 2.8 times the normal price, thanks to an agreement they reached with the New York attorney general in 2014. But, dudes? It’s still a really bad idea to call an Uber.

Per the New York Post, Cumo and his team are going to be monitoring Uber and similar services to prevent price-gouging during the Most Historic Blizzard of 2015. “The office will be working with Uber to ensure last year’s price cap agreement is in full effect,” a spokeswoman told the Post.

But capped doesn’t mean that it’ll be easier to get a car. Expect a lot of people to be angling for those cars, long waits, and other difficulties. Plus, just don’t take an Uber to begin with. Those drivers need to be off the roads if they can help it.


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